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[RSVP] GGC’s first BBQ Lunch + Careers Development Workshop @ COMMONWEALTH BANK!!! ;)

by on June 26, 2013

999008_566924113359200_402480509_n(Image courtesy @ GGC’s Marketing Team)

Hey Girl Geeks and supportive Guy Geeks,

Hope you are all well, and keeping warm in this cold weather! (Can we get some sunshine now, please!!)

Some exciting news….*drum rolls*…….Our next fantastic meetup is being held in a few weeks’ time, which is kindly sponsored by our industry ambassador Commonwealth Bank. There’s a BBQ lunch (you heard it right!), along with a tour of the amazing Commonwealth Bank building, and a Career Development skills workshop which will help you get your dream job with confidence (in IT or any other field). 😉
(Couldn’t get any better than this, now, could it?) 😀

It’s being held during the semester break, and we are hoping to see plenty of girl geek students and supportive guy geeks make most of this wonderful opportunity provided by CBA. So, PRETTY PLEASE, hurry up, and grab your FREE ticket here before they run out! >>>>

When: July 19th, Friday, 12:30PM to 3:30PM (Weekend, yo!) 😉

Where: 1 Harbour Street, Commonwealth Bank Place, North Building, Sydney

NOTE: The building opposite to the venue is the South Building (that has the Colonial First State logo above reception), so meet at the building that does NOT have that logo above reception. 🙂


Agenda: Fullscreen capture 24-06-2013 232333
(Image courtesy @ GGC’s Marketing Team)

Please read this article >>GGC – SMH20120502 – Safety in numbers<< in which our very own GGC’s Founder Miriam Hochwald appeared. Proud of you, Miriam! 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Be well, geeks! 🙂


Team IT (Veena & Jess)

P.S. In additional news, GGC’s Webinar with Microsoft held earlier this February, is now available to view online. Awesome, eh! The first 15 minutes of the webinar can be streamed via THIS LINK. In order to see the whole webinar (an hour long), you are required to download it by clicking the “Download” button on the top right corner or view it on the Dropbox app on your iOS or Android mobile device.


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