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About Girl Geek Coffees (GGC)

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Girl Geek Coffees (GGC) is a meet and greet open discussion group for women in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. The club is aimed to support, connect and promote a diverse group of women in these disciplines through regular forum discussions, faculty advice, and industry insights.

Girl Geek Coffees is kindly supported by Industry Ambassadors Google, The Reading Room, Thoughtworks, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Avanade, Microsoft and Blamey Saunders hears. Clubs can be found at Universities in all major capital cities in Australia and New Zealand. They are proudly run by students, early career graduates and academics with the support of these companies.

NSW GGC brings together students from University of Technology, Sydney; University of Sydney; University of Ballarat (Sydney campus); University of New South Wales; University of Western Sydney; Qantm College and industry professionals.

At our meetups you get:

  • Free coffee, tea or chocolate!
  • Lots of freebies!!!

To find out more, please visit and join our NSW Girl Geek Coffees Facebook Group or take a look at the International Girl Geek Coffees Website.

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